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ABOUT US is an online care giving service company, where you can find the most professional and reliable caregivers to meet the needs and match the expectations of your entire family. We provide you with the most reliable, professional and experienced caregivers in Nigeria, whom have been trained and properly vetted.

We stand unique as the first tech-driven, online professional care giving and nanny service company that takes care of new born babies(infants) and their mothers and also give career mothers the opportunity to pursue and meet career goals without it affecting the welfare of their children. We pamper children and their mothers. “Dorloter Experience”.

We have a team of experienced doctors, midwives, nurses, security personnel, and lawyers etc. who ensure that our care givers and nannies are the best in all they do.

We create a platform for families and organisations to meet prospective nannies whom we have vetted, screened, trained and this allows the families rest assure that their children and wards are in safe hands.

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  1. 1. We are devoted to meeting our clients’ expectations and rendering the best possible family care and support available in Africa. Furthermore, our uniqueness lies in the fact that we are the first professional care giving company in Nigeria that is focused on caring for infants, mothers, elderly persons and people living with special needs/disabilities.

  2. 2. We conduct thorough training on all our caregivers and executive domestic assistants.

  3. 3. We carryout thorough security vetting, police checks and psychiatric evaluation on all our caregivers, at the point of recruitment and subsequently, afterwards.

  4. 4. We conduct periodic medical screening/orientation on our nannies and caregivers. Before we assign a caregiver to any client, we perform medical screening and checks on them – HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, tuberculosis, to mention but a few.

  5. 5. We have executive domestic assistants for daily and weekend roles – who can readily assist clients’ families with domestic chores and errands for the household. All daily and weekend employees are matched with clients that reside close to where they live.

  6. 6. Our Omugwo Mobile App: As a way of further ensuring and enhancing the security of our clients and their care givers, has developed a mobile application through which our clients can easily monitor their nannies on the go.

  7. 7. We are just a click away: With one click, anyone can assess a professional caregiver of their choice – from the comfort of their homes or offices. You can also view, select and pay for any of our services and we’ll deliver the nanny right at your doorstep.

  8. 8. We have licensed medical consultants: paediatricians, nurses and midwives working with our organization – and these medical personnel are available for private consultation with our clients, at any time of the day.

  9. 9. Internal Security: We are registered with the Nigerian Police force, and the NPF together with our private security consultants screen, investigate and vet every care giver on our platform.

  10. 10. Periodic Feedbacks: We strongly believe that the information and feedback given from both clients and their nannies is important for the growth and improvement of our company and its services.

    Periodic feedbacks keep us abreast with the state of affairs. After all, the satisfaction of every client is why we are in business.

  11. 11. We have a flexible approach: We provide nannies of any age and tribe/language; just as our clients’ demand. These nannies offer language classes to clients who so desire (Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, French, Urhobo, Efik, etc).

    As part of our further commitment to serve clients better, we have several graduate nannies that assist clients’ children with school work at home, and offer private tutorials after school.

  12. 12. A World-class Nanny Training Institute: Since January 2017, we established a nanny training institute; with courses registered and affiliated with several international nanny associations and training institutes in Australia, Canada, France, USA and the United Kingdom.

    This training institute offers the top-quality training and orientation for nannies who wish to become professional caregivers – without necessarily working for our organization, A standard certificate is issued to each student at the end of the program.

    For all intents and purposes, the training in our institute covers the following modules (and more):
    - CPR and basic First Aid;
    - Convulsion and other seizure disorders in children and adults;
    - Baby schedules;
    - Basic hygiene for babies (teeth; nail; hair; skin and more);
    - Circumcision and related care;
    - Identifying and handling tongue tie, lip tie and more;
    - Bathing a new born: A Practical Guide;
    - Bathing a toddler: A Practical Guide;
    - Bathing adults and adolescents with special needs;
    - Bathing a new mother: natural birth; episiotomy; caesarean section;
    - Sterilization of baby feeding equipment;
    - Housekeeping (bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, toilets and more);
    - Potty training;
    - Autism awareness;
    - Down’s syndrome;
    - Handling physical impairment in children (wheel chair accessibility, lifting and handling);
    - Handling physical impairment in adults (accidents, stroke, etc);
    - Handling adults with special needs (hearing, sight and speech impairment);
    - Schedule for sleep and medication in elderly patients;
    - Understanding Alzheimer’s disease – Dementia, etc.

  13. 13. Corporate care: We render care services to corporate bodies too. We establish in-house crèches and run already existing ones, for our client-companies.

    Nursing mothers who wish to resume work need not worry anymore. Through a special arrangement with banks, schools and other private parastatals, we are able to create an in-house daycare centre for the babies, to allow staff (nursing mothers) carry on with their office duties with ease. Our corporate care allows these mothers drop their babies with our team of professionals and come in at anytime/interval to breastfeed these babies and bond with them too. Our staff can work from 7am -5pm; or for as long as the client-office is open for operation.


How we Deliver


We ensure all our care givers have been tested and pass for HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, Typhoid/Widal tests before we assign to any family.


We meet the needs and demands of all our clients. If you need an Efik speaking nanny who also speaks French and Yoruba language or a Care giver that is 50years and above as the case may be, we provide. You say jump, we say how high.


We provide Live in care givers, “au pair”, flexible working hours, fixed working period. We also monitor our nannies/care givers and gather for feedback from both the clients and the care givers.


We assign one care giver to one family which will be standard but this will depend on the needs of the clients.


We engage the Nigerian Police force together with our security consultants to screen, investigate and vet all nannies and care givers on our platform.


We assign employees to assignments that are closest to where they reside.


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