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(Please read carefully before filling each column in this section. NOTE that any false information, discrepancies or abstract content could be grounds for dismissal of your application)

Male    Female
Are you willing to submit yourself to medical examination by our organization:    Yes    No
Work hours. Please indicate when you would be available for work:
  • Weekdays only
  • All week (7days)
  • Weekends only
  • Live-in Assistant
  • Au pair Assistant (Live-in and travel as part of the family)
  • Flexible work hours (available for live-in and live-out roles)
Work specification. Please indicate what specific roles you are applying for. Tick as many as apply.
  • House-keeping
  • Care for new born only
  • Care for new born and mother (Omugwo care)
  • Care for children/toddlers (age 1-12)
  • Care for teenagers (age 13 and above)
  • Care for toddlers/children with special needs
  • Care for the elderly
  • Flexible roles (available for work under categories A – G)

List two persons who can stand as sureties and guarantors on your behalf: (NOTE that it is your duty to inform your guarantors/sureties about your application and prospective role with our organization before filling these columns. We would contact them as soon as your application is received. Such persons are required to stand on your behalf in the event of a loss, accident or other related circumstance at your place of work. NOTE FURTHERMORE, that in the absence of at least two persons who can guarantee or assure us of your good conduct and fitness for the role, your application will be dismissed).

Guarantor 1

Guarantor 2

Proof of identification. You are required to upload a clear copy of your recent passport photograph and I.D card here.

(Please note that I.D cards from present or former place of business, e.g; catering school; departmental store; etc, will not be accepted. The forms of identification required, include either one of – a valid Voters’ Card; International Passport; Drivers’ Licence or National Identification Card.

However, we would accept valid I.D cards from applicants with previous or current roles as midwives, nurses or medical doctors of verifiable, licensed/registered hospitals.

Such ID cards would be uploaded, together with the four categories listed above).